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Top Reasons Why You’ll Love Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Top Reasons Why You’ll Love Mirissa, Sri Lanka

The coastline of Sri Lanka is fulfilled with such lovely beaches. You will never forget this area if you visit this area in Sri Lanka.

Getting To Mirissa From Colombo

If you have arrived into Colombo international airport as most people do, then you can use a few different ways of traveling to Mirissa.

Train and bus: You can get a train to Mathara and then go by bus or tuk tuk to Mirissa (charge is around 350LKR for tuk tuk and around 50 for local bus).

Uber: Now, Uber is available in Sri Lanka(Specially in Colombo area ). By car, It should take around 3 hours to get to Mirissa from Colombo.

Mirissa is the best place to let the days slip by without any disturbs in the world. It is between the busy and beautiful Unawatuna and the peaceful Tangalle. So these are the favorite beach towns in Sri Lanka.

These are the reasons we attract to Mirissa.

The Clean, Beautiful Beach

Mirissa Beach is one of the amazing beaches in Sri Lanka. Beach’s Water is an incredible combination of light blue and green. It’s called the Southern beauty of Sri Lanka. Beach chairs area is available in front of the beach and you will have all the foods and cocktails from the nearest places(few steps away from the beach). It’s a nice place to stay alone to relax, read and enjoy ourselves.

Water Sports

Surfing – surfriding is turning into well-liked sport in Mirissa, Board rentals are 300 LKR ($1.4 USD).

Whale Watching

Whale Watching is the best reason why people visit Mirissa, especially, Season starts in October and ends in May month.

and Just need to give advice… if you are prone to seasickness, take a tablet prior.

Nightlife in Mirissa

The area has all the required places for happy holiday time, some of them are beautiful beaches, surf waves, whale watching, and great bars and restaurants. 90% of bars have happy hour during sunset in Mirissa, and cocktails are as cheap as 400 LKR ($2 USD). If you are looking for a party in Mirissa, search for the giant light that shines in the Mirissa sky. Marissa is a nice place for honeymoon tours in Sri Lanka.

Weligama (10 minutes from Mirissa)

Weligama is also a popular tourist area just around the bay from Mirissa.

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