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Ayurveda and Herbal Treatments in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island with a very old history and Ayurveda has been a deeply practiced medical system throughout the years.  Ayurveda is more than a method of herbal medicine that originated 5000 years ago. This name comes from two conjoined Sanskrit words “Ayuh”(It means “life”) and “Veda” (It means “science or knowledge”). That means It is a science of living, a way to a healthy and long life. It has two main targets, this helps to treat the symptoms of a disease and it improves strengthen the immune system. Teeda Travels guides you to treats for mind, body, and soul. Massages treatment is to stimulate nerves and senses using fragrant herbs and warm oils. Ayurveda directly treats for root causes, not for the symptoms of a disease. Ayurveda operates under the philosophy that the mind and body are connected to each other.

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